ESTRAGON: Let's go.
VLADIMIR: We can't.
ESTRAGON: Why not?
VLADIMIR: We're waiting for Godot.

Samuel Beckett
Waiting for Godot

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

όταν κάποιος σε δει σε ερωτεύεται
όταν σε ερωτευτεί πού μπορεί να σε δει;

you can see me on the road,
on the oak leaves
on the smell of coffee
lying on the grass, eyes closed

you can find me in your own eyes, too
in orion's belt
beyond the sea...
where a human being is born
in a desert island
in the rainforest

you can find me
in narrow streets
broad valleys
in paris,

you can see me on your smile

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